Network Fair Organisation

The recent performance displayed by the fair organisation business around the world and in Turkey, the upper hand gained thanks to Turkey's geographic location, trade infrastructure and opportunities offered by its mighty industry have served as grounds for the establishment of our company.  The latest developments in the global economy, ever-changing commercial practices and ever-shifting balance of power have put Turkey in a key position for many countries.

Network Fair Organisation Co. Ltd. was launched in 2015 as an affiliate of Burkon Tourism and Convention Organisation Co. Ltd., powered by a robust capital structure and experienced staff members. Following an unorthodox method unlike conventional ones, the company adopts the following fundamental tenets in fairs it holds.

Network's Organizational Purposes;

  • Network's mindset is long term. The company makes sure that any company involved in an event enjoys trade benefits. The company does not solely pursue having booths for sale.
  • It organizes meetings in addition to fairs, and thus shoots for the well-functioning growth of the business. To do so, it gathers business leaders and public authorities, and communicate outputs to respective persons and agencies. It serves to inform the public in a reliable fashion. It organizes conventions and symposia on the sidelines of one another.
  • It never allows any company with a detrimental impact on human, environmental and societal well-being to take part in any fair or organizes any event for them.
  • It makes sure that any event provides an input for the development of the country. It organizes fairs in cities where no fair is held or organizes fairs in cities where no similar fair is held. It refrains from holding a fair to compete against an already successful one. It promotes investments in convention centers, fair centers and airports, and contributes to the growth of the country's tourism.
  • It intends to offer inputs for the country's export in particular, inviting international procurement delegations.

It takes more than the effort of a fair organisation company for a fair to end on a high note. The role played by Network is to convene certain participants and visitors for an event in an optimal setting, at an affordable price, under favorable circumstances and on convenient dates, offer unerring messages and do a good job in time management and render a high-quality service. For an event to truly end on a high note and be sustainable;

  • The whole business needs to do its part. Companies need to take part in fairs while those which usually do not definitely need to stop by as a visitor.
  • Company officials and procurement authorities need to pay a visit to booths introduced by suppliers.
  • Ministries should offer assistance.
  • Governor's offices should offer assistance.
  • Municipalities should offer assistance.
  • Development agencies and KOSGEB (SME Development Organization) should offer assistance.
  • Chambers of commerce and NGOs should offer assistance.

Hoping to hold successful fairs with the involvement of all parties, we would like you to join us and offer inputs, and extend our regards to you all.

NETWORK Fair Organisation Co. Ltd..

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